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Visual Supremacy
Across Dimensions

Reach markets and prospects with a visual identity super-charged by our band of world-class 3D artists and animators. At Mako, we work with you - crafting engaging 3D visuals and animatronics that bring your vision to life.

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Digital 3D`s

Add a layer of greater depth, refined detail and incredible realism to your products, characters or stories.

  • 3D Illustrations
  • Photorealistic 3D
  • 3D modelling
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3D Animation

Unleash creative motion graphics to your environment and subjects using eye-popping effects, animations and CGI.

  • 3D Videos & film
  • 3D Explainer Videos
  • 3D Product Visualization
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Interactive 3D

Empower viewers to interact with 3D objects in a digital world – sequenced and rigged to create euphoric visual experiences.

  • 3D Gaming
  • Interactive Web Experiences
  • Interactive Product Tours
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Virtual Reality 3D

Enable users to see, feel, and experience your 3D vision in a fully immersive and Interactive simulated environment.

  • AR\VR Applications
  • AR\VR Walkthroughs
  • AR\VR Training Simulator
Automate Complexity

Blockbuster 3D Renders Across Domains & Use Cases

Reimagine visual storytelling with powerful 3D imagery that helps you increase engagement and transform your brand expression – now and in the futuristic metaverse.

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Euphoric 3D Visualization
To Engage, Entertain & Captivate

Explore a world of possibilities that only 3D imagery and animation can achieve. Empower your vision to move beyond success with eyebrow-raising 3D experiences that are crafted to inspire.

Redefine Expression

Harness the power of 3D to mesmerize audiences with visual narratives that leave a lasting impression.

Cost Optimization
Hyper Visualization

Deliver immersive possibilities to project your vision with a level of realism - unlike any other visual medium.

Artistic Ecosystem

Our team of artist and designers power the entire gamut of tools and technologies to create bespoke 3D experiences.

Pixel-Perfect Graphics

lluminate flawless 3D content with all its intricacies and perspectives across screen resolutions and digital channels.

Iconic Collaborations Achieving 3D Nirvana

Make your idea click with a team that works with you from start to finish to seamlessly turn your vision into a reality.


We help you explore the best possible 3D avenues to showcase your vision to the world.

Concept Art

Lo-fi sketches and 2d designs to resolutely articulate your plan before we take the next step


A visual outline of your film or animation, narrating each sequence to give you the complete picture.

3D Modelling

First step to 3D transformation – rehashing your lo-fi 2D visuals to hi-fi digital 3D representations.


Apply highly sophisticated visual effects and motion graphics to bring your 3D images to life.

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Spectrum of 3D Tech
Creativity without Limits

Mako’s dynamic 3D studio is fully equipped with the world’s most advanced 3D creation tools and talent – working side-by-side to create amazing visual experiences that bring your imagination to life. We work across industries to deliver cutting-edge 3D content that makes an impact.

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Revel in a 3-dimensional world where creativity is unbound, and your imagination is meticulously set into motion with a visualization strategy that helps your see your vision with sublime fidelity, layered depth and extreme naturalism.

Automate Complexity

Cutting-Edge Advancement. For Future-Ready Businesses.

As deep tech aficionados, we’ve assisted countless transformation stories through the power of Xtended Reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily specialise in 3D Illustration, 3D Modelling, 2D illustration and 3D/2D Short animations. A more debriefed index of our services includes 3D Modelling, 3D Concept Art, 3D Product Visualisation, 3D Gaming props design and 3D for Xtended reality.

Mako initially prefers to obtain data about the specific requirements, project brief, base references and the client’s budget to assess the request in hand. For enhancing previous works, offering source files could be a great starting point. The project is initiated on the provider’s end after documenting all agreed points from both ends in a Statement of Work (SoW) agreement.

Mako is a complete white-label organisation that believes in developing long-term relationships with its collaborators and serving as their extended teams. Beyond the usual gigs that a client would offer, Mako takes every opportunity to show what it means to be its collaborator through stellar output renderings and cordial client-handling methodologies.

Mako’s professionals are trained to develop 3D props, hard-surface 3D characters and 3D environments based on ideas and references alike. Mako also offers the modelling of Interactive product tours, AR/VR Walkthroughs, Immersive VR objects and other Interactive web experiences.

The registered office of Mako is in Delaware, USA. We operate in two centres in Warwickshire, UK and Chennai, India.

Each project with Mako falls under three master categories, which are as follows: * Fixed-bid (Pay by project) * Time and Material (Pay by hours) * Retainer Engagement (Pay by resource)

Utilising 3D resources boosts the overall appeal to any business front and brings in a catchy presence amidst the masses, irrespective of the industry that a business belongs to. Any form of 3D illustration is infinitely reusable and artist-friendly, enabling customers to get creative with the assets in hand.

Mako usually takes up an average of 24 Hours to respond to any business enquiry, though our professionals are usually accustomed to responding way before their deadlines.

Mako usually offers a quote that precisely states the required time for each proposed engagement. Any further slashes on the offered quote might potentially reflect on the overall competence of the output despite the best efforts of our elite team of designers

Mako’s designers are infinitely open to change and are willing to rework the same piece of work over and over until the client is satisfied with the output. Any major changes which alter the scope of the engagement completely will, however, be treated as a new engagement. In such cases, the client is prompted to present a change request (CR), stating the necessary changes to the existing piece of work.


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