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Artificial Intelligence

Seamless Communication with AI, Even in Sleep State

'Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep.'

 -Mesut Barazany

Truth is sometimes more fictitious than lies and it is very close to us. It is recorded in the Current Biology Journal, scientists studying sleep found two-way communication with people in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep or Lucid Dreaming. In short, we reached a state where participants can respond to simple mathematical questions and yes or no queries. They usually do it in the sleep state itself without waking up by listening to the questions and replying with mere eye movement.

Inspired by the above scientific breakthrough, let's embark on a space journey by projecting a future from the rapid development of current technologies.

The calendar year is 2084 AD; NASA mastered many fields, which were difficult in the past. Long hibernation sleep research experiments are rising to voyage for distant planets and beyond.

'Kaizen,' a 53-year-old Zen Master from Japan, selected by NASA for their hibernation and dream experiments by sleep scientists.

The name originated from Japanese means 'continuous improvements.' He is a constant practitioner of a mindfulness state rather than acting out of memory or compulsion.

On Christmas eve, 25th Dec 2084, Kaizen and four other astronauts are stepping into the mighty space shuttle 'Final Frontier' to reach Saturn's largest moon, Titan. It's one of 62 known moons of Saturn. The second-largest moon in our Solar System, next to Jupiter's Ganymede. Titan is known for its nitrogen-rich Earth-like atmosphere with a landscape of rain, lakes, oceans and winter storms. Chances are there; it could even have building blocks of life itself. Roughly a billion miles far from Earth is our destination, Titan. It will take approx. seven years to reach there. 

The rockets attached with the 'Final Frontier' space shuttle with the crew tore apart Earth's atmosphere and zoomed into the exosphere. Artificial Intelligence-powered central system 'ALAN III' took complete control.

ALAN III's AI is the most advanced of its kind from Earth. After the team transferred from the space shuttle, it did a great job taking care of the Space Ship 'Explorer XII'. 

Everyone went into a deep sleep in their respective advanced hibernation chamber. The zen master Kaizen closed his eyes and expanded his consciousness from his little body to infinite Cosmos. Years passed swiftly as no human was awake to experience it. 

On Jan 21st, 2086, by midnight 12:02 am, Kaizen sensed something critical during his sleep. His facial expression turned alarming. AI suddenly caught the slight change in his face through its advanced facial recognition inbuilt software.

It asked Kaizen, 'master are you finding any issue?'  

He moved his eyes left and right one time as he was trained for 'yes' and for 'no' two times of the same pattern

ALAN III carefully framed the next question, 'Do you want to convey anything important?' Kaizen's eyes movement indicates a ‘Yes.’

It quickly got ready to take notes; it is embedded within itself that Kaizen can connect with Cosmic Consciousness even during deep sleep. He can communicate any future correction to be made in the path the ship is headed.

Thanks to the AI developers of ALAN III, it asked the right question at the right time. ‘Do we need to change the course?’

Kaizen's eye replied, 'Yes.' AI analyzed the path and found that far away space debris would impact the ship with the current trajectory. ALAN III admires Kaizen's awareness and wants to pat his shoulder.

Curious about the awakened mind of Kaizen, AI tried to catch hold of all the thoughts from him. To its surprise, Kaizen didn't have any thoughts most of the time. He remained empty almost all the moments, yet he carried the Universal Wisdom.

On Feb 2nd, 2091, the crew reached Titan. With AI-powered and nuclear-powered fuel spaceship. Everyone wakes up sound and safe except one Astronaut. He fell into the abyss in his deeper level of unconsciousness during the seven years of sleep.    

Kaizen went into Collective Unconsciousness state with years of practice in the past. He got connected to the sleeping fellow member Russel and brought him back to the level of consciousness.

When Kaizen put his feet on the surface of Titan, he sensed the Consciousness of Mother Earth wanting to kiss the Titan through him. Bowed down and touched the hard floor with his helmet. Billions of miles away in Earth's Core, an accomplishment smile emerged like a bubble drop in the ocean and went unnoticed. The Solar System reverberates with rejuvenating energy all around it.

We need crystal clear communication to eradicate all the violence on this blessed planet. We wish that we won't lose our gifted ability to express ourselves with AI advancement, be it awake or in the dream state.  

Keep your ears wide open for active listening even in your sleep, for you never know when the Universe will whisper its most incredible secrets. 

Ramesh V.J.

Story Teller,Mako


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