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DevOps for Weaver Ants

It's a rainy day; two weaver ants (Oecophylla Smaragdina) are lost in the cosmopolitan city crowd. They hastily entered inside a building to safeguard themselves from pouring raindrops. It happened to be the DevOps R&D division of Mako IT Lab.

They are amazed by the massive Mako engineers' work. The little ant asked the other, 'what's the secret for their smart work?'

The older ant gained remarkable experience in tech industries as it spends most of its time in IT industries. It's savvy enough to clear any questions on recent trends.

It quickly framed the answer for the question from the tiny ant. In a slow tone, it said, Companies that adopt DevOps are destined for long-lasting success through a series of smart steps.' It pointed its minuscule hand in the direction of the engineers and whispered, 'look at the stable team. Whether a simple startup or a colossal conglomerate, it needs a sound foundation to build its credibility. Thanks to DevOps for paving the way to stability with which our whole world revolves.  Mako's solid strengths are derived from steady DevOps processes.'

The curious ant is impressed with the reply and continued further questions, ‘How about its role in the quality?’

Master ant smiles and loves the conversion. It uttered, 'We are in a world where there is no substitute for quality. With the no-compromise processes of DevOps, the quality of a product or service will be polished to a diamond grade. Like a well-cut diamond shines brightly due to total internal reflection, Mako is handcrafted meticulously using DevOps to possess the clarity and quality of flawless diamond (FL).' 

It continued to add more points on Agility, ‘Proliferate pieces of information downpour every nanosecond from the lightning-fast digital clouds. The ability to think and respond quickly is the need of the hour — DevOps incorporating agile principles and practices making the Mako flexible and quick in all the possible areas.’

The student ant throws, 'How about failures?' For that, the teacher ant slowly responded, ‘At Mako, by heart, everyone here is a phoenix songbird tuned to a higher frequency. DevOps processes gave them an edge to withstand or recover from any unfavorable conditions in a blink of an eye.’

It paused and gulped a water droplet and coughed a bit before continuing. 'As we knew, the shortest distance is always a straight line; similarly, the fastest path to success for any company is the alignment of management and employees' mind. Mako IT Lab uses DevOps to melt and mold their minds, which results in a straight line for making decisions.'

Inquisitive ant didn't leave there; It wanted to learn everything in that single day. It asked, 'What's special about DevOps other than the points you mentioned?'

The senior ant climbed the computer desk and asked its partner to do the same. Both peeked closer into the Mako IT Lab chief engineer's desktop. Geek ant pointed to the screen and shouted, 'Look, even though continuous project deliveries and releases, the team is always calm and composed by the power of DevOps proven methods.'   

Both ants are thrown away from that screen to the testing team table by a strong wind. 'Where am I?' asked the confused ant. 'Relax, we are on the bug detection side,' screamed the elder ant. 'Early bug detection in the project cycle is one of the critical advantages of DevOps and it results in cost reduction. Besides these, it also helps a lot in Risk Mitigation and Faster Deployment.' 

'How about security?' from tenacious ant. 'Listen carefully, DevOps enhances impenetrable security systems for the companies it adopts,' from patience packed ant. It added, ‘DevOps also gave the companies some other concrete benefits like Automation, Transparency, Reliable Infrastructure, Enhanced Collaboration, SkyRocket Productivity, Increased Efficiency and Scaling.’

These weaver ants are already known for implementing natural processes. They found the DevOps processes of Mako IT Lab fascinating; they took notes in their tiny heads. They didn't even care about some sugar molecules on their sides. They are involved in memorizing the proven processes of DevOps to build their leaf nests into the best version.

The ants returned to their tree. They presented the new findings to their Queen Ant. She got impressed and ordered all worker ants to follow the processes of DevOps for building their massive nests 10x times Agile, 3x times Faster, 5x times Bigger, 15x times Robust. We don't know whether they will succeed, but we know for sure from our past experiences that Mako IT Lab and our clients implementing DevOps through us are reaping rich benefits out of it.

Feel free to reach us to execute DevOps processes for your consistent growth and constant evolution. 

Ramesh V.J.

Story Teller,Mako


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